Poets & Writers Low + Full Residency MFA Index

Poets & Writers Low + Full Residency MFA Index
Resource Name: Poets & Writers Low + Full Residency MFA Index
Description: For those looking for a comprehensive guide of Low Residency or Full Residency MFA Creative Writing programs, check out Poets & Writers 2018 MFA Index: A Guide to More Than 200 Programs.

If you’ve weighed the costs and benefits, considered the pros and cons, and finally arrived at the conclusion that, yes, you want to pursue an MFA degree, your homework has only just begun. Now that you know you want to attend an MFA program, you are faced with another set of decisions: To which programs (among the more than 200 that are currently offered by colleges and universities around the world) do you want to apply?

The MFA Index is intended as a place to start, a reference to help you begin narrowing down your choices. The programs listed in the following pages are pulled from the free MFA Programs database at pw.org, which includes the information presented in the as well as important details such as core faculty and specific funding opportunities. There are, of course, certain elements of any given program that might make it the perfect (or, conversely, a less-than-ideal) place for you as a person and as a writer. The MFA Index offers enough information about the genre tracks, location, size, amount of available funding, cost of living, and residency requirements for you to determine whether you want to do additional research on a program, gathering the details that matter the most to you.

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