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The Becoming Write Salon

The Becoming Write Salon is a reinterpretation of a literary salon for writers who want to write quality works of fiction, poetry or nonfiction; who want to write well and write prolifically; who want to become part of a community of writers committing to deepening their writing practice and craft while helping others do the same.

We will gather at least monthly to discuss Writing Process, Writing Practice, and all aspects of the Writing Life from things we read, watch, write and events we attend.

***This is not exclusively a “Writing Group”. We won’t sit and write together and critique each others work…at least not exclusively. The Becoming Write Salon takes an holistic approach to writing by not only discussing our individual writing, BUT ALSO discussing specific aspects of craft, writing practice development (what we do to keep writing), and all aspects of living the writing life beyond just publishing.***

Member Requirements

  • You have some writing experience and are actively writing now.
  • You aspire to be a good to great writer–write well and prolifically–and you have a life-long commitment to the writing life regardless of your day time job.
  • Active Participation in the salon: you will read, write, listen to and watch what’s assigned for Meetups where we discuss specific content; you attend events and share about events with members of the group; you share your acquired knowledge with and are open to receiving knowledge from members of this group.
  • Be honest, be kind, be committed, be open and be present
  • Be at least 30 years old
  • All gender identities, cultures, “races”, and human species (*wink) are welcomed!

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